Bring the Town Hall to the People",
"Bring Caring Corporate Citizens to the Town", and
"Put Technology to Work.

Senior Housing | Engage Our Citizens and Find a Solution

Flower Mound Town Council meeting held on February 6, 2017 had two (2) Public Hearing items related to senior/elderly rental housing. It was attended by less than .4% of the Town’s adult population, even though it is a very important topic for the Town residents and dear to many senior citizens.
The Planning & Zoning Commission meeting on Feb 13, 2017, had fewer attendees, but of course, it was just a Work Session.

Engage Our Citizens

People don’t necessarily go out of their way to go the Town Hall. Hence, we need to Bring the Town Hall to the People.

There are more Town residents that regularly go to the Community Activity Center (CAC) and Library. I really believe those are genuine options and alternate locations to hold Town Council meetings, sometimes. Consider the scenario, where the draft agenda is posted in advance at the entrance to the CAC; members see it and think to themselves, “The agenda looks interesting. I will be here next Monday in any case, so I will just go in, attend and participate”, or “I think I will go work-out on Monday instead of Tuesday, and attend the meeting too.”
There are also lot more residents that regularly visit or are always watching social media sites. We could also hold some Town Council meetings using a social media platform and a controlled framework. Imagine the level of participation. Put Technology to Work!

Possible Solutions

Back to the senior housing discussion and solution.

The main objective to engage the residents of the Town is to help define the needs and requirements, and then create the solution. However, since currently we don’t have the defined requirements, let’s look at it from a high level.

(i) For the seniors who prefer single-family homes, we need few more 55+ age-restricted communities. They can be priced appropriately for the demographics, are nice looking and well maintained by the owners.

(ii) For the seniors who are looking for multi-family homes, we should explore what is already in the making. Town has approved multiple developments that are being built. We need to be creative, innovative and put on our best negotiating hats to work with the developers to re-purpose them for senior living. Everyone Wins!

(iii) It is very likely that not all could perhaps afford the rent range of these apartments. Now, this is where we all need to come together and take care of our senior citizens. Each senior is a parent who raised us and made us what we are today.
If financial help would be required, I propose forming a non-profit fund. I challenge all the residents of Flower Mound; I challenge all the high net-worth individuals of the Town; I challenge all the businesses of the Town, to be the sponsors and contributors to this fund. A “qualified” senior citizen could apply for financial assistance, and get it. We can set an example to others.

Let’s not just talk about problems, let’s together come-up with solutions!

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